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Fiction & Creative Writing

Montonbury Marsh

Book 1: Serpentine Coast


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When Kiaya’s sister is taken by the Twelve Skulls gang she must find allies and win over the town that spurned her in order to save them all from a fate worse than death.

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A young female apprentice mage, a jaded soldier, and a woman priest must team up to root out a deathly conspiracy that threatens all who live on the Serpentine Coast.

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Nineteen year old Kiaya can see magic. Apprentice to the Magus of Carywyre, she hides her gift. A Magister judging Kiaya for breaking the Magus Code offers an out. She must go to her home town of Montonbury and use her gift to help unmask the Twelve Skulls, a gang ruled by a necromancer.

When her sister Missy is taken by the Skulls, Kiaya agrees despite her secret fears. She joins the Magister’s mission along with Ellila, a relicologist, Donagh a jaded soldier and Maerwyn a lapsed priest. They uncover the necromancer’s ghastly plot, one that will enslave the Serpentine Coast. 

Kiaya must embrace her gifts to save Missy and the rest of the town from a fate that is truly worse than death. As Kiaya falls for Ellila she must deal with her secret fears. But as Kiaya goes deeper with magic does she risk losing her humanity? 

They face corrupt officials, ruthless gangs, and deathly magic. They meet a fickle paladin and a silver-tongued infernal but who is friend and who is foe? 

The undead are closing in and time is up. How can Kiaya save Missy and the townsfolk if she cannot trust herself?