Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Catching buses to QUT KG

For visitors from places without great public transit infrastructure catching buses around a strange place will be anaethema.

But for some places in Brisbane, Australia - you'd be mad not to use public transport since the new bus-way system was set up. Combined with the new Translink Go Card this system is a breeze to use, and its also clean and safe.

The air-conditioned natural gas buses are not "on the nose" (as diesel ones normally are) and run on an elevated "bus way" which is exclusive for their use, so no stop-go and jerking around like in regular traffic. Through congested areas the bus way goes down through tunnels, and is the easiest way to get across town.

The bus way is well lit, well sign-posted, fitted with security cameras and is well lit, making it a safe and easy way to get around.

Here's some popular locations well served by bus way buses.

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From Urbanest to QUT Kelvin Grove.

In the Google Street View image above the structure on the right is the bus way station. Urbanest is at off the left of this image, at 60 Tribune Street (which is running left-to-right in the foreground).

Take your go card, go to the station and go to the platform heading into the city. Don't worry about time tables - buses are very frequent. Check the digital display for buses arriving.

Catch the 66 bus and it will take you straight through the city to QUT - easy!

As you get on the bus touch your Go Card to the reader - no money changes hands. Nice.

Or you can get on any bus that is heading to the city, and change to a QUT bound bus at King George Square bus station.

Touch your Go Card to the reader as you get off.

King George Square is a clean, new structure only a year old - its an underground station, next stop after the Myer Center.

There, get on the 66 bus, or any other bus going to QUT Kelvin Grove campus. It will leave a few steps from where you got off on the same platform.

The 66 bus leaves from Stop E on the outbound platform - this is the stop in the photo above.

Check the BCC map of the bus station for more details.

QUT Kelvin Grove from the city.

Walk to the King George Square station. The entrance is on Adelaide St, a few steps from Queens Street Mall, near the intersection with Albert Street.

Down the escalators to the outbound platform, as in the section above.

If you see people checking tickets and so on, just vaguely wave your Go Card at them, they'll smile and wave you through. Some people still try to get on buses with loose change.

At QUT Kelvin Grove.

You can see the bus-way station in QUT's color map of the campus - its very well located right next to S block.

This photo shows the entrance to the QUT busway station.

To head south again back to the city or south bank, cross the bus way stations foot bridge which drops you onto the inbound platform without having to cross any roads or dice with traffic.

Platforms are well protected from the weather and are fitted with machines to top up your go card, or to check the balance.