Monday, September 20, 2010

DevDays Coming Up

Long time, no post.

Been working wayyyy too hard, on the linux conf (see previous post) and on work - leading up to the Qt Developer Days!

I have two presentations I'm delivering - click on the image in the margin left or on this link to have a look at the DevDays program.

One of them should be a fairly standard spruicking of the QML/3D pitch. If you haven't heard of it yet try youtube for Danny's great video.

The other one had me guessing for a while - Stunning Mobile Applications - what are they exactly? So I have written a little demo to provide me with some source material.

Both presentations will be up on both programmes - Munich in a couple of weeks (11 October) and San Francisco in early November - so I have four speaking appointments altogether.

I am looking forward to letting my hair down after it all I can tell you. :-)