Sunday, April 5, 2009

Lighting in D&D

black and white picture of a dragon over a castle - drawn ages ago

For ages the rules in Dungeons and Dragons about lighting and concealment have driven me mad.

Not only are the details around these critical elements of the classic pencil-and-paper roleplay game spread throughout the players handbook in sections on stealth, perception and combat - but also in the latest 4th edition rules new errata sections released by Wizards of the Coast have changed how the rules work.

Now I finally understand.

So I have written a lengthy and carefully detailed article about the subject.

It includes:
  • details on portable light sources and how they work in the game
  • explanations of how the 4th ed errata affect the rules (and where to find the errata)
  • an explanation of hiding and how it works in combat
  • tips for DM's on how to run games where light, concealment and combat are involved
Hopefully it sheds some light on this tricky area for those of you who were in the dark on it.

Roll a will save vs bad puns, or take 2d6 psychic damage...

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