Thursday, March 12, 2009

Ikea Matter Transfer Service

As Jonathon Coulton points out in his great song, everyone knows how to furnish their home using Ikea:

So what's new?

Ikea also offers a great Matter Transfer Service!

Photo of van de graaf machine by Peter E Lee<br />

In this shot an Ikea employee dispatches a load of furniture via the Matter Transfer Service.

How it works.

At the source location, you tear down your existing furniture by flogging it off on Craigslist, transferring its constituent parts into your bank account in the form of cash.

Our Ikea Detolf Cabinet

An Ikea furniture item travels thru time and space

At the destination on the other side of the planet, you simply visit the local Ikea store, streaming dollars out of your bank account into the Ikea machine.

At this point the exact same cabinet is reconstituted.


The weird thing is that you also wind up with a pot-rack, floor rug, and two lamps as well.

So clearly there's a few bugs.

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