Monday, November 24, 2008

Sez relocatable -> Brisbane, Australia

I am heading back home to Brisbane, Australia with a likely date for flying out around 15 December.

There's all sorts of why's and wherefore's but the proximal cause is family and health issues.

What does this mean for me and Google? Well the most obvious answer is that Google does not have an office in Brisbane, so Goodbye and Thanks for all the Fish.

But it will be a case of landing in Brisbane, sorting out where we stand and then making firmer plans. At present we are trying to keep all our options open for as long as possible.

Raymond will be taking several months off at first and spending time with family. My plan is to take a couple of weeks, look at options and then get back into work, being the breadwinner for a while.

So its a leap of faith for both of us, and some torrid^H^H^H^Hexciting times ahead.

I'll miss lots about the valley and the amazing Googleplex, but health and family are not things that can be traded against career or monetary concerns, and it will be very good in many ways for me to be back with friends and familiar places in Brisbane.

If you're reading this from Silicon Valley, and you'd like buy our stuff, motorcycles or our Prius car, that would be great!

If you're in Brisbane, look forward to seeing you all soon.


  1. I do hope the health stuff isn't serious.

  2. Hi Sarah. How long have you been out of Brisbane? I didn't read all your posts but does not look very long. If you want to find about the latest going on around here check out my blog. Best wishes dealing with the issues. Welcome back!

  3. At present its not too serious. Dad is in pretty good shape, however there's lots of scary talk about CAT scans and brains, and we don't want to be on the other side of the world where we can't help.

    Thanks for the kind thoughts, and hope to see you soon.


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