Thursday, July 24, 2008

Movin' on up to Blogger

This post just made to my original website, announces the planned move here - to Blogger.

Tell ye a story bout a girl named Sez,
poor ole' blogger,
barely kept her site upkept,

Then one day she was shootin' for some news,
when up thru the 'Net came a bloggin' cruise!

Google, that is.

Net gold - Silicon Valley tea.

Well the first thing you know ole Sez' a bloggin dude,
using cool web UI's with no trouble at all.

They said Californ-i-a's the place you oughta go
and there usin' Blogger's the only way to go.

(With apologies to the Beverly Hillbillies).

So the endless rounds of updating wordpress, fighting off spammers and crackers has finally gotten too much, so I am over the next wee while going to move off my current custom linux box setup, and onto the suite of Google Apps products.

Right now you can access the previous post New New Economy hosted in my new digs on Blogger at

This was pretty simple to achieve by using Bloggers custom domain name feature, and modifying my storybridge DNS so that the CNAME points to bloggers hosts.

Blogger has a lot of other nice features, like just clicking a checkbox to get a captcha that will deter spammers, without having to fiddle with plugins that break on upgrades - which is the Wordpress story.

The big concern is losing many many years of blogging and authoring history.

And losing you - whoever you are. The handful of stalwarts that keep reading.

Please stick with me - keep coming back.

Kick yer shoes off and sit a spell. :-)

If my plans work out the same URL's will keep working. You won't even have to change your bookmarks.

My plan is to write a redirector in Google App Engine and have the main site point to that, and use it to redirect incoming connects to path's like - and to the wiki pages I have created over the years.

And, you know something - I must say the Kool-aid is tasting pretty damn good right now.

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